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The Bing Rooming House Museum wants to hear your family's story of life in Plant City. Allow us the honor of interviewing elderly family members. Your voice can be a powerful one.

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The Struggle- Accurate accounts of how residents of Plant City overcame segregation.
In the Kitchen- Exhibits, recipes, and items from the era showing how residents cooked and cleaned

GENERATIONS- How times have changed. Rotary phones to cell phones; music and juke joints from the old Speakeasy, Laura Street Bar, to today's Hallback's Bar & Grill.

Gospel & Education- Preachers to Teachers. Learn the era of black gospel and religion as well as the stories of teachers, preachers and importance of education.

Bing Rooming House Museum Exhibits


Visit the Plant City Photo Archives to view the entire black history photograph collection.

Discover the important role that Mr. E.L. Bing and those taught and mentored by him had on the education of not only Plant City, but Hillsborough County and the State of Florida.

Coronet 28

Find out about the original African American settlement on the south eastern quadrant of Plant City. The Coronot 28 Quarters was constructed to support the mining operations of the Coronet Mine Industry which set up a processing plant in 1901. You can also visit the Plant City Photo Archives & History Center to review the aerial and in-depth historic photographs of the now closed phosphate plant.

Maps & Facts of Lincoln Park

The Lincoln Park neighborhood has changed significantly since the 1920s. If you click on the maps and links here you will see how current streets used to named after U.S. States as well as a layout of the Cornet 28 Quarters where alot of our generational families lived and later moved here.

Plant City African American Selfie Tour

Visit a number of black history landmarks and areas of significance within 5 miles of the Bing House Museum. LINCOLN PARK // MADISON PARK // BEALSVILLE

The Greater Plant City Area and unincorporated Hillsborough County are home to some of the oldest and most significant sites, structures, and even persons in relation to African American History. The list continues to grow (over 50) as more discoveries are made on a daily basis.

SELFIE CHALLENGE! (see article Dec 2016)

Attached above are links to three maps detailing locations by number. We challenge our visitors to stop by each location and take a selfie. You can post your selfie on our instagram page. We ask that you make your final visit at the Plant City Photo Archives & History Museum (PCPA) located in downtown Plant City. The PCPA, is a non--profit organization that works closely with the Bing House in the areas of historical preservation. We are supporters of the Plant City Photo Archives and encourage you to stop by and visit the photo archives with over 100,000 pics.

Exhibits/Oral History Library

Bing Family Exhibit
Marshall High School
Midway Academy
Charlow Funeral Home
Negro League Baseball
Laura Street
Coronet Mine
Coronet Quarters
Civil Rights in Plant City
Barbershops Talk
Felton Williams
Snowden Park
Marie B. Ellis Park
Sam Cooper Park
Joyner Family
Mobley Family
Willie Thomas (reporter)
Reaves (barbershop)
Family TBA
Family TBA
Allen Chapel AME
Beluah MBC
Mount Olive MBC
Mount Moriah MBC
St. Mary's MBC
St. Luke MBC
St. Luke Indepdent
Laura Street Church of Christ
Gospel METs

Video - Oral History Clip

Mr. Willie Thomas, Plant City's first black newspaper reporter gives a first hand account of his experience visiting the segregated former Plant City GreyHound Bus Station, which now serves as the office for the Plant City Courier. Willie Thomas is also brother to Mr. Bullwinkle.

About the League

Foster equitable opportunities for residents, regardless of age, sex, race or religion throughout the City of Plant City.


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