The Plant City Bing Rooming House Museum located in Plant City, Florida exists to promote the proud heritage centered around being a National African-American Landmark currently in Hillsborough County, Florida established to serve specifically as a facility for the preservation of African American History.

We believe it is very essential to preserve the building and local community's experience during the segregation era, and to provide enriching exhibitions and educational opportunities to keep Black History alive.


Quote...."Education Equals Abundance"

E.L. Bing, son of Janie L. Bing, former Principal Marshall High School, Glover School, and Assistant Superintendent Hillsborough County School District

Plant City Bing Rooming House, a National Historical Site anchoring the Laura Street Restoration District is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, primarily for its role as a domestic hotel for people of color during the period of segregation. The facility, which is located at 205 South Allen Street, now operates as a museum to emphasize the Plant City community’s triumph over segregation. The Bing Rooming House Museum is dedicated to collecting and preserving the history of African American culture and lifestyle during this period. The museum strives to accurately interpret, present and preserve Plant City’s African American history from an African American perspective. Displays of artifacts, storyboards, and written documents help both American and international visitors better understand the experiences of African Americans during the segregation era. Please stop by for an experience of Plant City's culture.

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Foster equitable opportunities for residents, regardless of age, sex, race or religion throughout the City of Plant City.


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